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This expert report by four leading universities in Germany lists the rewetting of peatlands and their wet use as one of the three main task areas for achieving climate neutrality in agriculture: Climate protection in Germany’s agricultural and food system: The Three Central Fields of Action on the Road to Climate Neutrality

Film of the German Association for Landscape Conservation on the Award of the German Landscape Conservation Prize 2020 to Sebastian Petri (Peatland climate warden in the Upper Rhinluch)

Specialist publication “Peatlands Climate Farmers – The Future of Agriculture in the Peatlands”. of the German Association for Landscape Conservation

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The Arge Klimamoor videocast
What are the next operative steps in the Arge-Klimamoor project? After more than 140 talks with farms and 10 large information events in 2022, the staff of Arge Klimamoor, with the consent of the participating land users and owners, need to investigate how much peat is still present under their land in the peatlands and how and where water flows when it is dammed. The videocasts that are created along these processes are intended to show how these investigations are implemented. In the first videocast, the introduction also includes basic information so that everyone involved is able to familiarise themselves with the project in an easily accessible way. The vidocasts are presented by Frank Schroeder, who has already produced extensive programmes on the subject of “peatlands” for rbb radio.

Event “Grass instead of gas”
The excursion to the Malchin heating plant took place on January 24th 2023. You can find a report on the event here.

The MLUK funding guideline “Climate Protection / Peatland Protection-Investive” comes into effect.

The funding guideline for climate-smart land use and development of organic soils “Climate / Peatland Protection-Investive” announced in mid-2021 has come into effect.
Funding applications have been open for submission since 23.11.2022.
Click here for the guideline, application forms, etc.

Moor event 19 October Uckermark
The event with recycling market and technical event took place in the Uckermark on 19 October. You can find the links to the presentations as well as the contact details here.

Quarks Daily podcast about peatlands
A podcast episode of Quarks Daily was published on 17 September 2022: Special: Peatland – from climate helper to climate killer?

Steffi Lemke, Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection, on the protection of peatlands:


On 29 June 2022, ANTENNE BRANDENBURG broadcasted an interesting contribution by Frank Schröder on peatlands in northern Brandenburg and on the subject of raising water levels in the peatlands of Brandenburg.


Article on the workshop “The reactivation of cane advertising on rewetted peatlands in Brandenburg” on 28 June 2022


Article on the event “A climate-friendly peatland management with special caterpillars” on 31 March 2022


Campaigners for peatland and climate protection in Brandenburg:
Prof. Dr Michael Otto on the new “toMOORow” initiative

Michael Succow: Why make “toMOORow! ” today for tomorrow

05 August 2021: Minister Vogel visits the Klimamoor project with members of the press; more information to follow

Minister Vogel with Dr Carsten Lühr from the Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy (Photo: Christina Grätz)
Juliane und Seastian Petri stellen ihre Moorraupe vor (Foto: Christina Grätz)
Juliane and Sebastian Petri present their peatland caterpillar (Photo: Christina Grätz)
Minister Vogel mit Pressevertretern (Foto: Christina Grätz)
Minister Vogel with press representatives (Photo: Christina Grätz)