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Uckermark TV reports on the Information Day in Hohengüstow and Lützlow. Christina Grätz, Managing Director of Arge Klimamoor, talks in an Interview about the importance of farmers’ contributions and new management options for peatlands. (Uckermark-TV dated 24.10.2022)

Photo: Susanne Engels

Arge Managing Director Christina Grätz as a guest of Frank Schröder in the studio of Antenne Brandenburg

An informative TV report by RBB Fernsehen contributes to discussions on the topic of climate peatlands in an understandable way.

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Critical reporting also has its place in our work:

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This ruling of the Federal Constitutional Court dated 24 March 2021 further strengthens climate protection.

According to the following study of the European Commission, the restoration and rewetting of peatlands is a central issue in rewarding carbon farming within international and EU payment schemes.